how are we not all collectively looking at each other and trying to sort out how we let dubstep happen those years ago.

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one thing that I think would be really good right now is a restaurant called In These Frying Times

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i herd u liek memes.*

* i did not hear this but it seems like a reasonable assumption based on context clues.

@melissasage @FirstProgenitor

didn't Nancy Peolosi put a video out a couple weeks ago to show off that she's got a massive stockpile of ice cream from some local place in SF, and say that she eats ice cream for breakfast?


in conclusion, the fuck is going on with these people?

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3-d donut 


just waiting things out until i feel a bit more tired to crawl into bed, y'know? how's thomas?


that's what makes it so effective against them! they're so used to suffering each and every moment that they don't even realize they've been debuffed.

creating my adult contemporary playlist on spotify for my enjoyment, and also to deal significant damage-per-tick to zoomers in the area of effect.

hot take 


still thinking of you putting me in a headlock and then i stand up and walk away to answer the door while you're just hanging onto me.

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how many objects do you own which have neither been mass-produced, nor made from something that was mass-produced?

every time I think of something, I realize I was wrong. handmade clay bowl? no, the clay was purified thru mechanized processes. bookshelf made from lumber milled in our sawmill? but the nails and paint came from a factory.

so far I've got: some rocks and a skunk skull. dorodangos. a small bundle of aromatic twigs from the desert. maybe this ball of handspun yarn, not sure.


hmm. i'm totally gonna say this to some people in person as a greeting, if we ever resume seeing people in person again.

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you ever get that alarming feeling where you're doing something in another window and suddenly hear a burst of like 5-6 bloops and think "uhoh i haven't done anything funny recently that, might not be good."

. .. me neither.



i agree with this point about dilution and misuse of terms. alternatively, in online spaces like ours i think it's also become commonplace to simply refer to anything feckless as liberalism.

it's good for complaining, not great for nuanced discussion.

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