i herd u liek memes.*

* i did not hear this but it seems like a reasonable assumption based on context clues.



thanks for the help, everyone!!

time to sit back and wait for some chillass aliens to arrive and discover the ruins of our civilization.

☺️ ☠️ 🌆

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illustrations of food, lewd, and eye contact 

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illustrations of food, lewd, and eye contact 

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illustrations of food, lewd, and eye contact 

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awright now we're cooking with grease!

space needs to know that earth has the delicious lure of tasty reuben sandwiches. BUT BEWARE! earth is not all tasty sandwiches,, it's also a hellscape of Joker Leto and a judgmental Porky Pig.

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okay this is good. this is PRECISELY what alieyums need to evaluate before they encounter us.

keep 'em coming please.

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if you've read up on or watched television about the history of earth's space programs, you've probably heard about the the Pioneer Plaques.

they were anodized gold plates engraved with simple illustrated representations that scientists considered important information to convey if discovered in space by sentient life. a "message from mankind" out there in the vacuum of space.

but have you seen these things? I mean,, come on.


a friend of mine sent me this text message that was SUPPOSED to have an image attached, but the picture didn't actually arrive.

for the life of me i cannot fucking imagine what picture could possibly exist that somehow ties this disparate collection of nonsense together under one unified context.

it's like a predictive text robot took over my buddy's identity during the quarantine and is sending normal-ass human text messages so nobody gets suspicious. 🤔 📱

food, eye contact 

lewd, but only conceptually - not explicitly 

we're here in day 452 of the quarantine. my brains have been reduced to oatmeal, which is fortunate because strategic oatmeal reserves are running low.

your feedback is requested on the following scientific questionnaire.

how are YOU spending these dark, weird days? me, oh i'm just making collage art of my decadent wealthsona, Sparkly Karl.

so, y'know. i'd say my sanity is holding up pretty robustly at this point.

eye contact , alc 

selfies, ec, lewd adjacent 

hello @JulietteStray. welcome to tutorial level.

push that crate to the other side of the room to unlock AVATAR IMAGE for PROFILE.

introduction, selfie, no ec 

Glittering Diamonds

it's avant garde we ain't gotta explain shit.