currently the weirdest thing that makes me feel old is thinkin' about how big screen resolutions are now.

@jackdaw_ruiz when I pass a relatively new HD flatscreen it kinda freaks me out cuz I can see "into" what's playing and it's so weird cuz it makes me see things clearly that like, my eyes cant see that far irl but the way HD messes with depth perception is very uncanny.


i vividly remember the first time i saw a giant high def screen with that 120Hz refresh rate. it was set up on display, and showing some benign nature footage of birds to demonstrate the clarity and color.

but i felt weirdly sick, as though discovering that sorcerers have pierced through a veil of our reality with no concern about what might come tumbling in.

@jackdaw_ruiz @gattogateaux an alumn of my alma mater was an international student and he went on to be a higher up at LG so he donated a bunch of state of the art flat screens in like 2009. but no one knew how to set them up so the refresh rate was crap so everything looked like a made for tv movie or soap opera on them

@wintgenstein @gattogateaux

coupla years ago i was out at a bowling alley where they had screens showing the movie Kindergarten Cop with that high refresh, motion smoothing creating the soap opera effect. and, lemme tell ya, i think for some terrible movies that are very very 90's that may be an enhancement.

it was a revelation to realize that's how the movie was always meant to be seen. looking like garbo shot on video. 😄

@jackdaw_ruiz it's a rite of passage, struggling to carry a 30 pound, 30" cube up a flight of stairs


truly our generations going to school uphill both ways. 😤


god yes.

i was futzing around playing some SNES roms in bsnes a little bit ago and the emulator comes loaded with shaders to simulate the pixel grille, and it may the weirdest thing i've gotten emotional about during this quarantine.

@jackdaw_ruiz oh no... now I'm remembering when we got our first Color tv... (I'm not That old... my parents were just cheap)
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