if i ever wake up in the hospital with amnesia, first thing i'm gonna do is reach for some nunchucks and starting swinging them around to see if my identity included being really fucking good at nunchucks.

realistically it will just result in a lot of broken hospital equipment, but why were the nunchucks laying there in the first place?

@jackdaw_ruiz i presume if there are nunchucks there someone nearby who can use them well will stop with you with force. otherwise they might be childs' nunchucks for children, which will at least mitigate the damage


i can wield child nunchucks with proficiency as I remain a child at heart.

@jackdaw_ruiz the problem is they took your childs heart and gave you an adult one. idk why this would give you amnesia though. maybe just the brain can't handle the emotional shock

I assume when you wake up with amnesia, it's like Career Day at school : You have to try a bunch of things until you find something you're good at.

@apLundell @jackdaw_ruiz the nurse sighs heavily, sterilizing the medical nunchucks is her least-favourite jobs

@jackdaw_ruiz so what you’re saying is I should send my friend who works in the rehab ward a big bin full of nunchucks


look me in the eye and tell me that friend wouldn't love that.

@jackdaw_ruiz tbh he would probably be cackling the whole time he got hit with nunchucks

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